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Our mission

FarleyLegal is a client centered, boutique law firm dedicated to providing sophisticated top tier business and transactional law solutions, and to bridging the value gap identified by many purchasers of legal services by operating from a lower-cost platform.

We offer entrepreneurs and established businesses the opportunity to:

  • Assign legal work to the provider best suited to a particular project, rather than paying a premium for one-stop shopping;

  • Lower legal costs without compromising quality; and

  • Create greater transparency and accountability on the part of the provider.

Our focus is clear:

  • Lower mid-market mergers, acquisitions and divestitures,

  • Investment structures and fund formation,

  • Strategic alliances, joint-ventures and venture capital, and

  • General counsel services.

We value and strive to maintain and build strong and long-term relationships with our clients. We have taken note of new market demands and realities, and we will continue to adapt and innovate to meet our clients’ needs and objectives.

Our commitment: We do quality legal work efficiently.

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